Toledo Fire and Rescue Department, Closes 4/30/20, Apply Today!

Toledo Fire and Rescue Department, Closes 4/30/20, Apply Today!

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The Toledo Fire and Rescue Department offers full testing services for the position of Fire Fighter through National Testing Network, Inc.  To fill out an application and schedule a test, go to, select Fire and sign up for the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department.
Applicants who are residents of the City of Toledo may be eligible to receive a voucher to cover the cost of the entry level exam.  Vouchers are limited to the first 1000 applicants who can prove they are City of Toledo residents.  Examples of proof of residency include: a current, valid Ohio driver's license or identification card; voter registration card; or a current University of Toledo student identification card.  All requests for vouchers are subject to verification and approval by the Department of Human Resources.  The City of Toledo reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Please be advised that the application and testing period is between February 1, 2020 and April 30, 2020. You must complete the application and test between February 1, 2020 and April 30, 2020.


What to expect at the website:

  •  Completion of the application process 
  • Review all information related to the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department Fire Fighter position, including minimum requirements, salary and benefits. 
  • Detailed information about the testing process for both the entry level test and the Firefighter Mile (FFM)*. 
  • Opportunity to take online practice tests at 
  • Schedule your own convenient test time. Tests are offered multiple times a week, including Saturdays. 
  • Take high quality job simulation tests in a standardized, fair testing environment.
Upon completion of the entry level exam and FFM testing, all candidate scores are automatically forwarded to the City of Toledo.  Candidates who attain a passing score on the entry level exam will be placed on the department's eligibility list.  City of Toledo will contact candidates on the list and will invite them to continue to participate in other stages of the department selection process.
National Testing Network is a service provided to conduct entry level testing and FFM testing in a standardized, professional environment. National Testing Network does not replace the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department's responsibility and decision making in the testing process.  All candidate results are provided to the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department where the final decisions are made.
*The Firefighter Mile (FFM) is a physical ability test for firefighters. It is designed to evaluate entry level firefighter candidates on the essential physical capabilities required to satisfactorily perform their job duties. The FFM consists of 10 events designed to simulate critical, physically demanding tasks faced by firefighters during an emergency.
Please be advised that the City of Toledo does NOTrequire a candidate to complete the FFM during this exam period; however, you may. More information about the administration of the FFM for the City of Toledo will be given at a later date.


Under general supervision performs work of moderate difficulty in activities related to fire prevention and extinguishment and various other rescue and emergency activities; provides emergency care; performs related duties as required.


  • Drives and operates a wide variety of mobile units such as pumpers, aerial ladders, rescue squads, life squads, special units and water craft in training, emergency and routine situations. Connects and lays hoses of various sizes.
  • Calculates proper engine pressure.
  • Operates and directs nozzles.
  • Raises, climbs and works from roofing ladders, straight ladders, folding ladders and extension ladders.
  • Overhauls structures using hand and power tools to complete extinguishment.
  • Operates portable generators, exhaust fans, self-contained breathing apparatus, power saws, radiological monitoring kits, explosimeters, foam generators, air compressors, air bag, rescue kits, air chisels, resuscitators and associated oxygen equipment, cutting torches, rope rescue equipment and other specialized equipment in emergency situations and in training.
  • Performs salvage operations before, during and after fire fighting situations using protective tarps, squeegees, roofing paper, plastic, wood lath and brooms to preserve, clean and protect belongings and property.
  • Learns and applies knowledge of extinguishing agents and of liquids, solids and gasses in relation to them being flammable, explosive, toxic, soluble or radioactive;.
  • Inspects residential, commercial, industrial and public facilities for fire prevention, district familiarization and hazard familiarization, including fire extinguisher checks, water supply, utility connections, evacuation operations, structure oddities, location of flammable and other dangerous materials, sprinkler and alarm operations and general housekeeping.
  • For periods of several hours and in the confinement of a fire station, remains on standby, living with co-workers and officers while maintaining a team-working relationship and while remaining prepared to react to emergency situations.
  • Uses ladders, ropes, cutting tools, hydraulic rescue equipment, self-contained breathing apparatus and various other equipment in rescuing people from fires, traffic accidents, drownings, electrical accidents and other emergency situations.
  • Provides emergency medical care.
  • Stands watch, reporting alarm calls for fire and public safety vehicles.
  • Performs daily communication checks and listens for relevant radio communications.
  • Responds to citizen requests, complaints and questions by providing information and assistance.
  • Performs cleaning and general maintenance chores on personal fire fighting gear, fire station dorm, kitchen, apparatus and work room facilities, and fire fighting vehicles, tools and special equipment.
  • Performs dispatching duties when assigned to the Fire Alarm Office.
  • Receives and transmits alarms, keeps records of alarms and equipment.
  • Inspects and tests fire alarm equipment.
  • Trains to learn and retain the required knowledges, skills and abilities.

Knowledge of:
  • Firefighting tactics and procedures.
  • Firefighting apparatus and equipment.
  • Mathematics.
  • Procedures for handling hazardous materials.
  • Toledo Fire Prevention Code nd Ohio Basic Building Code.
  • Emergency medical care and rescue operations.
Skill in:
  • The utilization of firefighting apparatus and equipment.
  • Functioning effectively under stressful conditions.
  • Identifying hazardous materials.
  • Establishing and maintaining effective working relations with others.
  • The use of medical care techniques and equipment.

  • Graduation from high school or G.E.D.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age at the time of appointment. 
  • No person age forty (40) or older at the final closing date for the Civil Service examination shall be eligible to receive an original appointment to the position of Fire Fighter.
  • Must possess a valid driver's license at the time of appointment.
  • All persons appointed as Fire Fighters must demonstrate compliance with the programs of apprenticeship established in accordance with the terms of Divisional standards as registered with the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, U.S. Department of Labor, 1-1-86 and with the standards established by the Toledo Fire Division for the Fire Training Academy and the probationary period.
  • Newly appointed Fire Fighters are required to become paramedics. Required paramedic coursework will be provided and is completed on the Fire Fighter's own time. Once earned, paramedic certification must be maintained and the Fire Fighter is required to function as a Fire Fighter/Paramedic for the duration of his/her career with the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department.
  • This position requires employees to work in set 24-hour shifts, including weekends and holidays.

  • None

The physical demands described within this job description must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
In this position, the employee will frequently stand and walk. This employee will frequently climb, sit, and lift, push, pull, carry, and /or move up to 128 pounds.  Occasion stooping, kneeling, crawling and crouching may occur with this position. Speaking and listening are constant essential functions of this position. The physical demands of the position are categorized as very heavy - over 100 lbs. occasionally, 50+ lbs. frequently, 20+ lbs. constantly.

The work environment described within this job description will be encountered while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.?

The employee will work in all weather conditions, including, extreme cold, extreme heat, wet and/or humidity. Frequent exposure to atmospheric conditions, fumes, poor ventilation, mists, dust, odors, gases, explosives, toxic/caustic chemicals (paint, degreaser, burning plastics, acid). The noise level in the work environment is very loud (sirens).

If you need assistance or an accommodation,  or if you have questions about completing the online application, please contact the Department of Human Resources at (419) 245-1500.

Class Code: Firefighter (2211)


Veteran's Preference:
Veteran's preferences are provided under the Rules of the Toledo Civil Service Commission.

YOU MUST ATTACH A COPY OF YOUR DD-214 at time of application. (Scan and attach copy to your application profile before submitting your application.) The copy of your DD-214 must include the type of discharge and the dates of continuous service. See below for information on Veteran's Preference.

Rule 50.00, Section 50.11 (Veterans' Preference Credit in Examinations): A veteran, as defined in these rules, receiving a passing grade on a competitive recruitment examination shall have five (5) numerical points added to his/her passing score. A disabled veteran, as defined in these rules, who satisfies any physical requirements for the position, and receives a passing grade on a competitive recruitment examination, shall have ten (10) numerical points added to his/her passing score. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as excepting any applicant from the necessity of fulfilling all job-related requirements specified by the Commission for positions in the competitive class.

Rule 10.00, Section 10.37 (Veteran): Shall mean a person who has served in the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Corps, Air Forces, Coast Guard, and such other military service or auxiliary corps as is designed by the Congress of the United States, and has served on active duty for a period of more than one hundred eighty (180) consecutive days of active duty, excluding active duty for training (annual summer camp) and who received an honorable discharge or release or was separated under honorable conditions.

A disabled veteran is one who has served on active duty in the Armed Forces, has been separated there from under honorable conditions, and has established the present existence of a service connected disability rated ten percent (10%) or more.

EMT/Paramedic Preference:
For purposes of ensuring appointment and employment based on merit, efficiency, moral character and industry, an individual receiving a passing grade on a competitive recruitment examination for employment as a firefighter or firefighter/paramedic shall be awarded preference points to their raw score for having obtained, prior to the examination, certifications in accordance with the following schedule:
                        EMT-B Certification – three (3) numerical points;
                        EMT-A Certification – four (4) numerical points;
                        EMT-P (Paramedic) Certification – five (5) numerical points.

To receive any extra points, the candidate mustpresent a copy of their certificate at time of application. (Scan and attach copy to your application profile before submitting your application).